image: plastic face lighted letters

Plastic Face Lighted Letter

Letters are made from aluminum with mig welded construction. Interior illumination is provided by neon tubing powered by 800MA transformers. Transformers can be remote or contained within each letter. Plastic faces are contained by a continuous aluminum retainer.


Neon powered by 30 or 60 MA transformers

120 volts (277 volts optional)

Various color translucent faces

Aluminum retainer perimeter of letter

UL Listed

Various finished and mounting methods

image: reverse channel backlighted letters

Reverse Channel Backlighted

Backlighted letters are a quality channel letter constructed from all aluminum. Interior illumination is provided by an outline perimeter neon positioned on the inside back edge of each letter. The backs remain open (or clear acrylic covers) to allow for illumination and access to installation hardware.


Neon powered by 30 or 60 MA transformers

Transformers remote or self-contained

120 volts (277 volts optional)

Clear acrylic or lexan backs

Various colors of neon

UL approved

Various finishes and mounting methods

image: fabricated aluminum non-lighted letter

Fabricated Aluminum (Non-Illuminated)

Fabricated aluminum letters are individually constructed for a three dimensional impact. Letters are available in many depths and widths. The back of this channel letter is open allowing for easy access for installation and service.


Standard or custom letter styles

Various depths

Various finishes and mounting methods

image: plate metal and plastic letters

Plate Aluminum & Brass (Non-Illuminated )

Precision computer cut letters are offered in aluminum or brass solid plate. Thickness of .125" , .250", .375" and .500" are available for custom/standard letter styles and logos. Aluminum and brass is available in various finishes including polyurethane painted, satin or machine polished.


Custom and standard letter styles

Various thicknesses and materials

Various finishes and mounting methods

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