Signature offers a complete interior sign system. A variety of graphic processes including; surface printed, subsurface printed, dimensional raised acrylic letters and engraving are available. Custom interior signs are available using special material and finish to your specifications.


Subsurface printed graphics

Surface printed graphics

Photopolymer ADA signage

Raised dimensional signs

Vinyl applied graphics

Window insert signs

Alternating message signs

Custom fabricated signs

image: non-ada compliant interior signage

"SSP" Series - Surface or Subsurface Printed onto acrylic or vinyl prior to background color. The face acrylic for subsurface printed signs uses a clear matte finish for non-glare effect.

image: ada compliant interior signage

"RLP Series" - Raised Letter Plaque uses 1/16" thick injection molded and precision cut acrylic letters chemically mounted to an acrylic plaque. Plastic or metal rasters can be used for braille whenever ADA compliance must be met.

image: photo-polymer ada compliant interior signage

"PS Series" - Photopolymer Signs are a single piece of polymer based material. Each sign is made using a film negative for exact reproduction. The raised graphics and braille are integral to the sign. The sign receives a polyurethane finish with hot stamped or printed colored graphics after which a clear satin protective finish is applied.

image: changeable sliding message strip

"WS Series" - Changeable Window Insert Signs are manufactured using a sheet of clear matte acrylic that is subsurface printed (except for window area). Sign has slotted base plate for insert to slide in and out for changeability.


image: alternating message strip

"AM" Series - Alternating Message Signs are manufactured using our standard graphic construction methods (SSP, RLP or PS). This sign has a movable strip that can be slid from side to side to expose the desired message on the opposite side. This sign type is typically used for conference room signage indicating a "vacant" or "in use" message.

image: framed plaque signs

"PF" Series - Framed Plaque Signs have perimeter frames and are available in precision mitered aluminum or injection molded plastic. Frames are typically .500" deep with .065" or .125" thick walls. Various finishes are available.

image: multi-directional signage "MD" Series - Multi-Directional Signs consist of two or more plaques mounted on a common base plate. These signs are available in any standard graphic construction methods (SSP, RLP or PS). The face plaque can be permanent or removable for changeability.

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